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What type of savings accounts are offered?

Central Liverpool Credit Union provides three types of saving accounts:

Regular: an instant access account paying an annual dividend (share of our profits)
Prize: a monthly prize draw account
Christmas: save up for the holiday season.

Regular saver

Members of Central Liverpool Credit Union are given a regular saver account. Often referred to as a share or member account, this provides you with a flexible and easy way to save on a regular basis. It is an instant access account where the money can be withdrawn provided it isn't held as security for a loan.

Prize saver
You can deposit up to £200, buying you 200 ‘tickets’ for a monthly prize draw. You’ll have the opportunity to win a prize of £5,000 or twenty runner up prizes of £20 each.
Read more about the Prize Saver, including the full terms and conditions for more information.

Christmas saver
You can make payments into a Christmas savings account. Helping you spread the cost of the festive season you can only withdraw the money between November and January.

Open a savings account today.

Updated on: 16/11/2021

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