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Topping up your loan

Topping up your loan is when you want to increase your borrowing, but still have an outstanding balance.

For example, you may have borrowed £500, repaid £300 of that so you have £200 outstanding. Topping up is when you apply to bring your loan back up to £500 (or more).

You can top up a loan only after you’ve made six months payments on your current borrowing.

For example, if you pay £50 per month back off a £500 Opportunity loan you must have repaid £300 (£50 x 6 months).

An application can be submitted up to 20 days before you are due to top up. Any application made before that period will be automatically decline and not considered.

For example, if you will have made 6 months’ repayments by 20 November, you can apply on 1 November. You cannot apply on 31 October.

Updated on: 09/11/2021

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